Elevate Your Social Media Engagement, Raise Brand Awareness, And Ultimately Drive More Sales With SmartPostr.

Using Machine Learning, it picks the best times of the day every week to schedule the posts.
it then automatically publishes the posts to FaceBook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Why You Should Use SmartPostr
Your Social Media Marketing Posts

Save 28+ hrs per week on content creation.

Save thousands of dollars in paying a social media Manager

Take the guesswork out of what to post.

Keep your pages full of beautiful posts.

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So How Does it work?

It only takes minutes to set up your (AI) social media marketing calendar which then automatically
creates your social posts for every day of the month.


Social Posts In Seconds

SmartPostr creates your full monthly calendar of beautiful social posts and promo posts around your industry,


Schedule Your Posts

Next, make any edits to your calendar. Add custom posts and campaigns as needed. Schedule all your posts to automatically go out to FB, LI, TW, & IG with one click.


Monthly Automation;

On the 1st of every month, SmartPostr will build your next 31 days of social media posts and notify you to approve. Repeat steps 1 & 2, and you’re done.


We are helping you to get your solution

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Your social media presence matters.

Did you know over 1.5 billion users of Facebook leverage the platform to search for local products and services every day, which is almost 40% of Google’s daily search volume?

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social media marketing on Steroid

SmartPostr AI writes, designs, creates, and schedules every post for your entire month’s social media calendar in seconds. AIMI is your social media strategist and develops a beautiful calendar of 100s of posts per month, so you save time, reduce costs and stay consistent.

Over 4070 Companies Use SmartPostr

SmartPostr can write millions of unique marketing posts to market your products, services, events, content, and so much more.

AI Post Writer

SmartPostr can write millions of unique marketing posts to market your products, services, events, content, and so much more.

Graphic Designer

SmartPostr can create beautiful posts using hundreds of designs and images from her library of over 20K royalty-free stock photos.

AI Scheduler

Using machine learning, SmartPostr picks the best times and days of the week to schedule your posts. She then automatically publishes your posts to FB, LI, TW & IG.

AI Strategist

Using machine learning, SmartPostr takes the guesswork out of developing your social media editorial content calendar.

SmartPostr will write Social media posts for ...

With this you can find quality clients and serve them with smartPostr
or offer service for any other kind to them.

Find, Analyze, and Land Crisis-Stricken Local Business Clients AUTOMATICALLY
that will Desperately Pay for Easy Agency Services

You can generate Social media marketing posts
for any niche you want with SmartPostr

New FREE Ebook/Digital Download

New Retail Product

New EBook/Digital Download

Business Opportunity

Generic Event Invitation

Webinar Event Invitation

Retail Sale Of A Single Product

Sales Category Of Products

General Store Promotion

Posts To List Your House

Posts To Find A House

Posts For A Property-Coming Soon

Gym And Fitness Classes

Personal Fitness Training

Gym And Fitness Membership


New Purchase

Business Loans

Promoting A New Dish

Promoting A Happy Hour

General Service Promotion

Promoting A Sale Or Service

Promoting A Travel Package

Promoting An Agency Or Travel Company

Promoting A Deal On Flights Or Hotels

Promoting A Travel Club

Promoting A Property Just Listed

Promoting A Property-Open House

Promoting A Restaurant's Signature Dish

Promoting A Cocktail


If you have any business that sells services, digital products or physical products online,
then you need a strong online presence to build trust with New Customers

Local Business Owners

Social Media Managers

Online business Owners



Freelancers & Agency Owners

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I have around 13 years of digital marketing experience; so I know what it takes to compel even the most skeptical of customers to Trust Your social Media Accounts and make a purchase.

My background and master's degree in finance has sharpened my ability to locate consumer pain points. So, we crafted a Software that will create jaw dropping, lip smacking, and eye lash fluttering Social Media Marketing posts that will sucks your audience in, hits them over the head and will make them throw money at you.

Now we are offering you an opportunity to use our out-of-the-box "Social Media Marketing solution" to leave your competition in the dirty dust!

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Simple Pricing plan for everyone and every budget

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

We back your purchase with a 30 days money back guarantee. if you're somehow not happy with your purchase, just let us know.

Your Satisfaction Is Our Top Priority

Q: What social networks can SmartPostr auto-post to?

A: Currently, she can auto-post to your personal LinkedIn activity feed, Twitter feed, Facebook Business/Fan pages, and Instagram Business Page.

Q: How many social networks can I connect to my account?

A: Multiple LinkedIn, multiple Facebook, multiple Instagram, and multiple Twitter accounts

Q: How many Facebook pages can I post to in one account?

A: There is no limit to the number of FB pages that are made available for you to auto-post to. You need to be an Admin or Editor of the pages to show up in your account to use.

Q: What do you mean by a “social profiles”?

A: Social profiles are accounts. Such as an Instagram account, your personal Twitter, LinkedIn account, or a Facebook Page. With Smartpostr, you can schedule posts to multiple accounts— For Example: five Instagram accounts, Five Twitter accounts, five linkedIn accounts and Five Facebook Pages.